The most important thing about an investment philosophy is that you have one.
— David Booth, Founder, Dimensional Fund Advisors

Our Philosophy

Over a quarter century, we have developed a few key tenets that give our clients the best chance at having successful outcomes.


We are 100% employee-owned. We are not affiliated with any other company.


We put your interests ahead of any other consideration.


Informing clients about how we manage portfolios is among our highest priorities.


No one can reliably, consistently forecast the market. We focus on what we can control: creating a plan and adding value.


Successful financial decision-making requires separating emotions from investment decisions.


Our relationships are successful when we understand clients’ particular circumstances.


We pride ourselves in open and ongoing communication.


Financial complexity is too often expensive and counterproductive. Our investment program is straightforward, economical, and highly liquid.


Firm Profile

  • Founded in 1989
  • CFPs, CFcH, JD
  • Multi-Generational Ownership
  • Primary Custodian: Charles Schwab
  • Clients in X States and Y Countries
  • Compensation: % of Assets Under Management