What differentiates Burton Enright Welch from other advisors?
For more than 25 years, our biggest strength has been our ability to offer objective financial planning and investment management advice to meet the distinct needs of our clients. The structure of our firm allows for independence and objectivity in all decisions. We combine a disciplined approach, grounded in research, with independent thinking that helps us in capturing marketplace opportunities as well as reflect the evolving needs of our clients in creating long-term wealth. We believe that earning your trust and building strong relationships is equally as important as creating solid portfolios and expected results.

How are you compensated?
The compensation we receive is based on a percentage of the assets we manage.

Can you provide advice on how I should invest my 401K?
We provide our clients with advice on their company plan and do not charge an extra fee for this advice.

Will you charge me an extra fee to work with my CPA and/or attorney?
No. This consultation is part of the standard management fee. It is critically important to have all advisors understand the plan and discuss tax and legal issues before implementation. If you do not currently have a trusted CPA and/or an attorney, we can provide recommendations from our list of trusted professionals.

Will Burton Enright Welch hold my assets directly?
Burton Enright Welch does not hold assets directly. We utilize several of the largest independent custodians available, including Schwab Institutional. We use these custodians to help ensure that our client assets are safe and secure.

Do you work with clients who live outside California?
Yes. In today’s age of technology, physical location is of minor importance to a productive relationship.

What is the process to start working with your firm?
Once you have contacted our firm, we will provide you with a confidential questionnaire. We ask that you fill out and return the questionnaire to our office prior to our first meeting. This step will ensure that we make the best use of your time at this initial meeting. The no-charge, no obligation meeting, called a Discovery Session, will last approximately 90 minutes. During the meeting, we will introduce you to the firm and inquire into your unique situation.

Once a client, how often will we meet?
Our standard operating procedure is to meet with clients on a quarterly basis. However, some clients prefer to meet less frequently because of busy work/vacation schedules.

Do you help set up 529 plans?