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Q2 2019 Review - Rates Fascination

Market signals like yield curve inversions are never written in stone. Recognize that forecasters are poor at predicting where rates will go. The Wall Street Journal surveyed 69 economists and analysts in January. The consensus was that the 10-year Treasury would rise to 3% mid-year. None predicted the yield would fall below 2.5% this year, let alone down to 2%! 

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Q4 2018 Investment Commentary

Last year reminded everyone that investing is hard. It can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Market volatility can diminish willpower and cause determination to waver. The main risk is not portfolio declines. The real risk is that instincts override the discipline investors need to achieve their long-term plan.

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Q3 2018 Investment Commentary

We’ll start with a discussion of stock market valuations, one of the primary considerations that pushes us away from U.S. stocks. Then, we will caution against a couple of investing traps we’ve witnessed people fall into: conflating the economy and stock market and letting FOMO inform investment decisions.

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