Investment Management

More than just valuing the following principles, BEW looks forward to educating our clients about our investment process and philosophy. We believe that knowledgeable clients produce the best outcomes. 



Many investors react to the market’s emotional, media-driven swings. Our asset allocations are grounded in long-term fundamentals. A long-term focus is an investor's greatest advantage.   



We will not move forward until we are confident that our investment plan will give you the best chance to meet your long-term goals. That’s why financial planning is so important.


Tax Efficiency

We put a special focus on tax management to enhance after-tax returns. Our strategies include asset location, municipal fixed income, tax-efficient ETFs, and trade customization. 



Diversification is the only free lunch in investing. Diversification is about accepting good while missing out on extraordinary so you can avoid terrible.


Transparency and Liquidity

Know what you own. Our investments are transparent and have daily liquidity, which provides us with the flexibility to respond to opportunities and challenges, in a timely manner.


Your Comfort Zone

We will not put you into investments until you understand the spectrum of possibilities and we understand your willingness and ability to take risk.