Our Process


We are available to meet at our offices in Downtown Walnut Creek, over the phone, or via video conference.

1.  Discovery Session
This is a no charge, no obligation get-to-know-you session. We discuss who we are and answer any questions. We'll talk about your goals and how our services might benefit you.

2.  Data Gathering & Goal Setting
We will ask you to gather some information about your finances. We’ll research any issues you raised in the initial meeting. We will make sure we understand your concerns and objectives.

3.  Analyze & Strategize
We analyze your situation from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. What does the data say and how does it correspond with our earlier discussions?

4.  Develop Recommendations
We'll sit down as a group and review scenarios. We make sure our recommendations are informed by a variety of perspectives.

5.  Implementation
We’ll review our findings, make sure we answer any questions, gauge your comfort level, and detail how to act . We’ll give you a complete written understanding of our plan, process, and policies.

6.  Monitor & Make Adjustments
We will be in contact to review strategy and discuss any questions you have. When the situation dictates, we will make adjustments and make sure you understand why.

The 6 steps above are just the beginning. We will maintain a constant dialogue for as long as you remain clients. You will receive detailed quarterly performance reports, we’ll have regular one-on-one updates, and we’ll review developments and recommended changes to your strategy.